Message from the President

I was appointed president of GS1 Japan on July 1, 2013. I am humbled by the appointment because I am fully aware of the importance of the responsibility. At the same time, I am honored to assume the presidency in this memorable year, the 40th anniversary of GS1.
GS1 Japan joined the former EAN International in 1978, and since then it has developed along with GS1. The GS1 standard has been steadily spreading throughout Japan, with nearly 130,000 companies already assigned the GS1 Company Prefi x. After thirty-fi ve years since the start of the business, even now the number of our member fi rms is increasing.
Recently, GTIN, our primary identification number, is not only used at simple scanning of retail check out but used in the Internet commerce, and healthcare industries.
The use of other GS1 keys and data carriers is showing signs of expansion in Japan. For example, GLN is expected to become popular at a faster pace in parallel with Ryutsu BMS, Japanese domestic EDI message standard.
As for data carriers, GS1 Japan will actively promote the study and widespread use of the GS1 QR code as a new GS1 standard. Because of growing concerns about security and safety among consumers GTIN attribute information including expiry/best before date and batch/lot number is increasingly used in healthcare and food sector.
The use of EPC/RFID has also increased in apparel industry and asset management. We will continue to promote the solutions.
We should take the occasion of this memorable 40th anniversary of GS1 to redouble our efforts to make supply chain more effi cient using the GS1 System. We hope that member companies, GS1 MOs, and the GS1 Global Offi ce will continue to achieve further development, and we look forward to providing greater consumer satisfaction through the GS1 standards.