RFID Implementation in Japan (April 20, 2010) pdf
A presentation at RFID World Asia 2010 in Singapore describing present status of implementation of RFID systems in various sectors in Japan.

GS1 Data Bar

GS1 DataBar : New Applications in Japan pdf
Two Japanese retailers pilot GS1 DataBar pdf
In late 2008 and early 2009, two Japanese retailers piloted GS1 DataBar expanded on store-packed fresh foods, handling additional data such as sell-by-date/hour and mark-down at Point of Sale.

Mobile Com

General Consumer's Experience in Japan pdf


GS1 Healthcare Japanpdf
GS1 Healthcare Japan, a local user group of GS1 standards in healthcare sector, was established in May 2009. As of March 2010, around 100 members (companies, associations and individuals) were involved in the group.

Barcode Guideline for Prescription Drugs pdf
Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare issued a guideline for barcode labeling of prescription drugs on September 15, 2006. This guideline has been revised on June 29, 2012. The revised guideline newly requires bar coding of GTIN on dispensing package unit of oral medicine and external medicine of non-biological products within three years (by July 2015).

Barcode Guideline for Medical Devicespdf
Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare issued a guideline for barcode marking of medical devices on March 28, 2008. This guideline was implemented by a stepwise process from March 2009.

Update of Japanese Healthcare Standardizationpdf
An overview of Japanese healthcare industry and standardization activity as of February 2008.

QR Code

QR Code Overview & Progress of QR Code Applications (Nov 2009)pdf
QR Code is a very popular 2-D data carrier in Japan and Asia.
The document describes the technical aspects of QR Code and the use cases in the region.